What are the Top 5 Radio Taxi Services in India?


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Radio taxi services is an evolving business and is blasting its way in India as a consequence of expanding interest natives to drive between Capital cities and other towns. In addition, the corporate society of India is driving radio taxi services to new business heights. Taxi rental by Meru Cabs, Olacabs, Easycabs, Quickcabs and Uber have grown manifolds and have become the leading radio taxi and car rental service providers in India. These Top 5 Radio Taxi Services in India aim to present imaginative plans and new transportation models for the advantage of all taxi users. The Indian taxi business sector is assessed to be worth about USD9 billion or INR 54,000 crore, of which just 4% to 6% is well sorted-out.

When you are without any transport, the Radio Taxis give an agreeable and less expensive method for traveling. These radio taxis are air-conditioned and comfortable vehicles with responsive and expert drivers. The cabs are connected by radio to a central control room that constantly monitors the whereabouts of the driver. The foremost aim is the security and safety of passengers which is guaranteed by constant observing at a main office. The drivers are well-prepared and thoroughly checked before enrollment. You get an obliging proficient driver who can give some assistance and act as your chauffeur for the length of time of your travel. Here are the Top 5 Radio Taxi Services in India narrowed down for the exemplary customer and affordable tranportation services.

big-car-mumbai[1]Meru Cabs delivers on the basis of ‘unwavering quality’ by conceiving frameworks, methods or advances and dependable interface for clients. It offers advanced, new, ventilated agreeable air-conditioned taxis, Usage of clean, green fuel, Round the clock accessibility of taxicabs, and a 24×7 Customer Service Center. It offers faster pickup and quicker response time; Tamper-proof computerized taxicab meters, incorporated with the GPS-framework for continuous location and fare tracking. Book meru cabs at phone no. 44-22-44-22, currently you can get 30% cashback on Meru Apps.

117330-33523-Olacabs_Taxi[1]Olacabs offers taxis in Delhi alongside half-day and full day car rental services at most minimal rates. The radio taxi administration offers auto rentals for all travel needs, including airplane and railroad station transfers. From sedans to hatchbacks and luxury cars, you can procure any model according to need and preference. Sign up now with coupon code RX5Y0A and get Rs 50 discount on your first drive using Ola apps.

you can also invite your friend and earn Rs 50 on each invitation.

Call Ola cab for customer support at (022) 33553355



Quickcabs means to guarantee that each client gets settled within the air delhi1[1]conditioned and comfortable cabs at a reasonable cost with no hassles. The service endeavors to keep comfortable decline levels, exclusive service to our retail and corporate customers and greatest productivity through environment well-disposed and safe taxicabs. It gives the touch of security, solace & responsibility. Call Quickcabs at 011-67676767 for booking.

easy-cabs-800x700Easycabs is a unit of Carzonrent (India) Pvt. Ltd. It is India’s No.1 transportation service provider offering a complete bundle of end-to-end long and fleeting car rental arrangements through its armada of 6500 vehicles nationwide. The car rental service provider has left no stone unturned to incorporate the latest technology and innovation to setting up 24×7 client service focuses on consistency in operations; to presenting response for every single client request. Book easy cabs at 011-43 43 43 43


Uber is advancing in many ways with its fleet of car rental service worldwide. With consistent connectivity with drivers through apps, the company makes taxi service accessible to the urban crowd. Since 2009, Uber’s fast-pacedAn illustration picture shows the logo of car-sharing service app Uber on a smartphone next to the picture of an official German taxi sign growth and worldwide vicinity keep on bringing passengers and their urban communities closer. Click here to sign up and download uber app here, and get first ride free(upto Rs 600) using coupon code:9y4mzue .

At present, Radio taxi rental administrations are taking prompts from aerial services to dispatch continuous client programs, and tap on miles travelled by a frequent passenger. Each traveler will benefit from priority request dispatch, discounts, and cashback offers on online bookings and referral rebates.

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